"Let's buy an apple orchard!" he said. "It will be fun!" he said. That was in 2010 when we moved to Paradise Valley Orchard with two dogs, a cat, and a truckload of craft supplies. Years later, we have now filled our farm with pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, bunnies, a cider press, a coffee roaster, and LOTS more craft supplies. 

Lorin grew up in Davis County, Utah. His passion for plants and animals was fostered by his parents, who let him raise chickens in an overturned dresser in his bedroom. He brought home snakes and frogs in his lunch box. He even raised game birds for re-introduction programs for the state of Utah. He then joined the U.S. Navy and traveled the world before settling down in Montana, working as a baker, landscaper, and fly-fishing guide. 

Ali grew up in Montana in a large, loud family. Her passion for cooking was apparent at a young age when she would create strange after school snacks for her siblings and spent her birthday money on strawberries so she could make jam. Her sort-of patient mother allowed her to make giant messes cooking and crafting. She learned how to shoot a shotgun, drive a stick-shift, and garden from her father (who had a bit more patience). Summers were spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house in the Flathead Valley, hiking, swimming, huckleberry picking, and Be-dazzling jeans. She learned the art of canning and preserving from Grandma. 

Lorin and Ali met in Montana at a bakery in Bozeman. A job opportunity allowed them to move to Utah and the rest is history. Lorin can be found most evenings puttering around the farm, a shovel in one hand and a homebrew in the other. Ali manages the farm, drinks an irresponsible amount of coffee, and occasionally still Be-dazzles jeans...

Volunteers play an integral role in the success of our farm.  For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact us